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ООО "Эколайт"

Fire Prevention and Prevention

ООО "Нилар"

Industrial safety system

ООО "Хологрупп"

AR platform for creating scripts and sequential maintenance and assembly instructions

ООО "Плэй!"

Corporate platform for staff development and training


Next Generation Fuel Cells

ООО "Цереврум"

The system of entering personnel into a position and teaching soft skills using virtual reality

ООО "Большая Тройка"

Integrated Digital Platform "Waste Management"

ООО "Каланча"

Innovative fire extinguishing system for oil tanks

Speakus Ltd.

New simultaneous interpretation technologies


Artificial Intelligence for Construction Planning

ООО НТЦ "Русь"

Wireless Sensors for Smart Networks

АО "Бюро Техники"

Container Modular Data Center

ООО "Центр нейротехнологий сна и бодрствования" 

Contactless sleep device


Augmented reality mirror for the beauty industry

Акселератор Business Priority

ООО "Криопротект"


Frostbite gel

Акселератор Business Priority

ООО "Ягода"


A platform that increases repeat sales up to 20% thanks to the system with artificial intelligence

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Application for communication of patients in medical institutions

Акселератор Business Priority


Payment system for simple online transactions

Акселератор Business Priority

ООО "Энергетические инвестиции" 

A cloud platform for monitoring the performance of energy enterprises, as well as process optimization

Акселератор Business Priority


Manufacturer of innovative cleaning robots

Акселератор Business Priority