• Марианна Скраган

Avtonomica presented its innovative project "Aqventus" at Russia–Africa Economic Forum.

Aqventus is an off-grid and low-maintenance device for extracting moisture from atmospheric air. It is a complex water machine, though it has no moving parts, nor motors, no gears. It employs yet unstudied, but well known effect of splitting certain types of vortex flows into hot and cold streams. The streams diverge and then meet again at the condenser section, providing a significant temperature gradient. This is when and where the wind, trapped by Aqventus, finally gives away its moisture. Additional cold is delivered to the condenser from the deeper soil thanks to a system of reversed thermal syphones.

The best water production rate recorded so far for the unit sizing 1.2 m x 1.2 m was 545 liters in 24 hours. The project team  is currently working to make this rate a steady operational characteristic. 

Aqventus was conceived from the very beginning as a basis for an artificial oasis, but it may serve as water generator for a remote village; for a ship cruising on the high seas; for making artificial ponds and in many other scenarios.  

It is a very clean technology, since it doesn’t use chemistry or electricity to clean and desalinate water. Hence, it leaves no brines and emits no pollutants. Basically, our water machine integrates itself with the natural circulating of water on Earth  -  it produces the very same rain or dew water made by Nature, but at a time and place when and where we need it. https://aqventus.com

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